Explore Bonaire

This beautiful island in the Caribbean will impress you with its unsurpassed natural beauty.

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Enjoy the beautiful underwater world, explore the beautiful nature that Bonaire is rich or immerse yourself in the culture of the island.
There is so much to do on Bonaire that you certainly don’t have to sit still.
There is something for everyone here!

Adventure on Bonaire

Bonaire has several mysterious caves, impressive ones with petroglyphs or caves with water. There are several tours, but the coolest are those through the caves with water. Here you sometimes have to hold your breath and swim through a tunnel to get to the other side. Curious about this adventure? Ask about the possibilities!

It is important that you have good mobility and a good fitness, because the tour can sometimes be challenging.



Curious about our flamingos? Then come to the Gotomeer, the largest saltwater lagoon of Bonaire. From the highest viewpoint at the observation area you have a nice overview of the Gotomeer and the route there is very beautiful and leads you through a jungle of cacti.

When you are on the island during the breeding season (January to March), there are more than 10.000 flamingos on the island, you can see them everywhere.


Snorkeling on Bonaire

A dive in the beautiful azure water is not only nice and cool, but it also offers a beautiful view of the impressive underwater world that characterizes Bonaire. The ease with which you can achieve the underwater beauty, the shallow location and the many corals that makes snorkeling on Bonaire so special!

In addition to the various snorkeling spots along the west coast of Bonaire, the island of Klein Bonaire offers you the best chance to see a turtle while snorkeling.

To be allowed to snorkel on all these snorkel spots you need a ‘nature tag’ which you can buy at every diveshop on the island.  This is because all snorkel sites of Bonaire are part of the Bonaire National Marine Park.


Bonaire divers paradise!

The fact that a large part of Bonaire is a protected nature reserve makes Bonaire – still! – one of the most beautiful places in the world for diving. The Bonaire National Marine Park comprises 27 km2 of protected area. This keeps nature intact. Corals and fishes are therefore abundantly present.

Can you make a choice from one of the nearly 100 dive sites that Bonaire has to offer?

We work together with the number 1 dive shop on Bonaire, VIP Diving! Inquire about the possibilities, we can offer our guests an attractive discount.


Culinary Bonaire

Curious whether there is something to do on Bonaire in the culinary field? There are so many goodies to taste, that you really have to come back again! From top restaurants like “Brass Boer” from Jonnie and Thérèse Boer to the world’s unique “Cadushy of Bonaire” Liqueur made out of cactus right here on Bonaire… there is something to taste for every culinary lover.

FoodBook Bonaire 2020

Taste of Bonaire

The “Taste of Bonaire” takes place several times a year. All the delicious food of this island in one place. Stroll around the various stalls and in the background live music and a sun that slowly sets.

Food Trucks

You can eat extremely well on Bonaire, but you probably already knew that. In addition to the various good restaurants that can be found on the island, you can also enjoy delicious food at the various food trucks. Good for the taste buds and for the wallet.

Our personal favorites are; Kite City (Te Amo Beach), King Kong (Bachelor’s Beach) and Cactus Blue (Corporal Meiss) with amazing Lion Fish Burger.


For the icecream lovers

On a tropical island, a deliciously cool ice cream can not be missed. Just a 5-minute walk from Kas ChuChubi, in the middle of the Kaya Grandi, is the best ice cream store on Bonaire. The ice cream is prepared every day in a traditional way with passion and knowledge.

Can you make a choice from the different delicious flavors?

A visit to GIO’s is a must!


Kitesurfing on Bonaire

Kitesurfing on the most beautiful spot in the world!

Because of the trade winds that blow throughout the year on Bonaire and the warm sea water, this is one of the best places to (learn) kite surfing.

Kitebeach Atlantis

Kitesurfing on beautiful turquoise blue water! In the morning there are somewhat shorter waves, but in the afternoon the water is often completely flat. Chances are that you will encounter flying fishes or turtles while kitesurfing. If you are really lucky, dolphins swim with you. You can also enjoy beautiful sunsets here.


Windsurfing on Bonaire

Bonaire is known as a popular windsurf destination. That is not surprising, because during the months of January through September there is a 90% chance of a 4 Beaufort wind speed. The shallow waters of Lac Bay and the good (onshore) wind make it the perfect place to learn how to windsurf.

Tired of all these sporting efforts? Order a drink at, for example, Jibe City and enjoy the view and the relaxed “Caribbean Vibe”. Also your non-surfing friends dont have to get bored here.


The weather on Bonaire

Of course you want good weather when you go on vacation. It is therefore useful to check in advance what the best travel time is.

Good news; you’re always good on Bonaire! Whether you want to enjoy the sun in the spring, in the middle of the summer or in the winter. On Bonaire the average temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius (all year round!). The sea temperature is virtually the same throughout the year (about 28 degrees Celsius).

In short:

  • Warmest months; June to October
  • Most hours of sunshine; March
  • Highest average day temperature; September
  • Least rainfall; March and May


Nature Fee Bonaire

To use the waters around Bonaire you need a so-called “nature tag”.

This not only applies to divers, snorkelers, surfers, kite surfers and other water sports enthusiasts, but also to those who go swimming in the sea around Bonaire or Klein Bonaire.

That is because this entire area belongs to the protected Bonaire National Marine Park. Together with the Washington Slagbaai National Park and Lac, this national park is managed by the National Parks Foundation (STINAPA). This non-profit organization manages, maintains, promotes and protects the national parks of Bonaire.

You can buy a “nature tag” at any dive center on Bonaire, since early 2019 it is also possible to purchase this tag online. This is possible on the site of Stinapa: Bonaire Nature Fee.